Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekends - Dining-Out Time

Every weekends, on Saturdays or Sunday we always go out to have dinner outside either with friends or just the family. Yesterday evening, there were just the family, Leonardo, Davide's parents Lina and Umberto, Davide and I. We went out earlier yesterday 'coz we wanted to do another shopping for the new house before having dinner. We bought a new carpet for Leo's room, some toys again for Leo of course :), vases, some flowers and some accessories for the bathrooms. Then after that, we went to La Corte in Bussolengo, a famous restaurant especially for their pizzas. We were lucky that we arrived earlier at about 7:30 PM because if you'll arrive later than thatlike at around 8:00 PM, there will be a very long wait. Anyways, we had seated at a table with a good view to the garden. It would have been nice if there was a good weather 'coz you could eat outside at the garden but the weather this past week is not continue raining and it's cool outside. After we seated, I asked the waitress if she could take a picture of us. And yes, she did take a picture. She is so nice and she likes Leo so much. So continue coming to our table to caress Leo's hair :)). Anyways, we ordered pizzas, and then some desserts after then coffee. And then after, we befriended a couple with a 4 yr. old son who were seated near us. They are so nice and Leo played with the boy named Filippo. Then at about 9:30 we decided to go home and on our way out we saw these groups of people in the lounge waiting for their turned to have an available table for them. Hhhmm...I wanted to tell them that next time come early so you could take a table a soon as you arrive but of course I couldn't do that...hehehe. Anyways, it's there problem not mine:))

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