Friday, June 13, 2008

Attention to All Parents

I'm sure almost everybody is familiar with the Reader's Digest Magazine. They have been in the circulation for a long long time now. They are giving health advices, parenting advices, foods, humor and etc. And as we all know of the new generation, almost everyone when searching or wants to know about something they just give a click to their keyboards and walahhh....the information is their. That's why Reader's Digest is having an extension of their magazine through online. They are offering a lot of topic of interests like - Your America, Living Heathly, Advice & Know-How, Laughs!, Games & More, In the Magazine, Make your Mark. The categories that really interest me are the - Parenting and - Family Life . When you go click on both of this link you'll find family oriented articles like Family Vacation and how to make the most of your trip with your family, having a stress-less family vacation. You'll also find an Amazing Family Stories. And my favorite one is the Parenting Pointers like 10 ways to teach your child tolerance, encourage your child's imagination, raise polite kids in a rude world and many more.

As I have said, Parenting Pointers is my favorite favorite one especially in encouraging a child's imagination. As a mother, I am really trying to encourage my child on what he has on his imagination. I read him books and then I tell him to draw the things that he understand or the things that he imagine. And it really surprises me everytime he come out with something on his drawing. Although he can't draw that well yet because he is only 3 1/2 yrs. old but already he can draw something and that you'll understand what he wants to show you. And as I've read the article of the 5 Benefits of Encouraging your Child's Imagination I found out that first, it Develops the Childs Social Skill - as children they play pretend base on what they saw around them and through this they become more welling to play fair, to share and to cooperate. Second benefit is it Build Self-Confidence - children have very little control of their lives and imagining themselves as a superhero or something helps them develop thier confidence. Third is Boost Intellectual Growth - Using the imagination is the beginning of an abstract thought. Fourth is Practice Language Skills - kids do a lot of talking when they play pretend with their friends so this helps boost thier vocabulary, improve sentence structure and enhace communication skills. Last is Work Out Fears - playing pretend can help the kids work out their fears and worries. Reading a books to your kids everyday will really help encourage their imagination.

There are still a lot of articles what will really interest you especially for the parents like me. Just go click the links or go to and look for the articles that will interest you.

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