Friday, June 27, 2008

Do you have a Victory Hair?

Victory Hair ? What is it? Well, it is when a good looking guy and a good looking girl met and both have sexy styled hair. Then each other felt something special and then their hair gets messed up in the process. Guys and gals, that is Victory Hair.

For everyones information Extreme Style by VO5 created a website with an online game called Ultimate Flirting Championship . On this game, your flirting skills will be tested to see if you really have that victory hair material. In the game, you can make a charater to play with. You can choose what hair style u want and the color of it. There will be 3 players in the game, 2 contestants and 1 judge. You can either be a c0ntestant in which you have to outflirt your opponent and you'll be given 30 seconds to answer the judge question in a fun and flirtatious way or you could be a judge. As a judge, you'll be given questions to ask to the contestants and that will be 5 questions for each game then you decide who have the funniest and sexiest way of answering the questions. It's a great game. You'll be surprised to know how other people flirt and you will also learn some new skills in flirting.

For me to have a Victory Hair, I'll surprise my man with a romantic dinner with candles in our new house and a beautiful table settings. Then I'll set my hair-up with the Extreme Style by VO5. When he arrives I'll offer him the champagne and then have our romantic dinner of course with an intense eyes for each other. Then after that, he will touch my face and caress my hair and pull the pins that hold my hair up and that's how I'll achieve my Victory Hair.

So, how about you? Do you have that Victory Hair ? Just click on the widget on this post and test your flirting skills with Ultimate Flirting Championship. Have Fun!!

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