Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beautiful Spring Flowers (*_*)

Spring is here and the weather is great.

My son went outside in the garden to play and enjoy the good weather. While looking up for him...the beautiful flowers of spring catched my attention. So, what i did is get my phone and took some pictures :))

And these are some of the flowers that are blooming beautifully on spring :))

Friday, March 28, 2008


Wednesday noon I recieved a call from AirOne, an Airline company base in Rome Italy. They told me to go to their office the next day for an interview as a Flight Attendant. Wow, I was so excited for the interview. I have been dreaming to be a Flight Attendant and fly all over the world. But Rome is very far from Verona where I live. It's 5 hrs. by car and the interview schedule was at 11 AM the next day. One more thing is that I am not familiar with the place so I have to be in Rome at least an hour before the schedule so that I will have some time to find the exact location of the company building. Luckyly, my husband told me that he will accompany and drive me to Rome. So, the schedule is at 11 AM and the travel is about 5 hrs. so that means we have to start early. We started at 4:30 AM and we arrived in the location at 10:39. So I am 21 minutes earlier and that's a good thing. But they called me for an interview at 11:33 and it fiished at 12:02 and they told me to came back at 2:30 in the afternoon for an exam and an english interview, the first interview was in Italian. And they told me that my Italian grammar is not that good yet and that i must practice more my Italian...I got disappointed on that but hey, they asked me to come back in the afternoon so maybe that's a good sign because there were 3 other girls with us who wasn't told to come back in the afternoon.
I came back at 2:30 and the exam started at 3:00 and lasted 10 minutes. It was a very quick exam and nobody finished answering all the questions. After the exam they told us to wait in the lounge and that they will call us one by one for an english interview. They called me at 4:00 and I think that my english interview went well. The interviewer was nice and we had a good coversation in english. After she interviewed me, she told me that the result will be in a week. If they will call me within a week that means I qualified and will start the 4 months training as a Flight Attendant next month. But if there will be no call, hhmmm that means SORRY, you're not IN :)) Well, if that will be the case for will be OK. At least I gave it a try.
Anyways, I left in their office at 4:30 and go to my husband who was patiently waiting for me in the parking lot. Then we decided to go take a look the City of Rome. But it was a rush hour and was sooooooo difficult to find a parking space in the City. We lost almost 2 hrs. just to find for a space for parking. We found a little far from the center but then it was OK. We just took a walk to go to the center. We took a little stroll of the City and then we decided to eat dinner. After the dinner we headed back home and it was almost 9:00 PM. We drived slowly and we arrived home at 3:15 AM. That was almost 24 hrs. Almost 24 hours on the road and we were so tired and exhausted that when we arrived we just went straight to bed and go to sleep. Never had a day like that. That was my most Exhausting Day ever. I just hope it was worth it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been busy this past days building my own website. And I'm not so familiar how to do it so I really have a hard time. That is why for now, I'm only using the FREE webhosting since I'm still on a trial and error period. But anyways, I think it's doing well and I'm enjoying adding stuffs on it. :))

Well, my site is all about the Home Business Opportunities that I've been into. Plus I also put ads from Google Adsense which is very familiar of one way on earning money on the net. Then I also added the ads of other programs that I have been an affiliate member.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008


My son Leonardo, 3 yrs old is going regularly to a nursery school. At first he really didn't like going. Every morning when I take him to school, oh my God, there are a lot of whinning and excuses for him to not to go. But as time goes by, he started to like the idea of going to school and playing with other kids. And then, he got sick. He got small pox and he have to stay at home for 3 weeks. That is a very long absence in school. So, when the time came that he must go back to school he didn't like it again. He got used of staying at home with me and watching his favorite cartoons shows on TV. But of course as a mother, I always think that going to school and staying and playing with other kids is better than just staying at home and playing alone. I mean, what will a kid learn being alone??? Yes, I will play with him and teach him
something but that is a lot different if he will go out and stay and play with other kids. He will learn the independence and know how to interact with other people. So, I really always insist that he go and encourage him how nice and beautiful it is to go to school and have friends. And well, he cried only at the first week and now he is always excited to go. They have a lot of activities in school and he is enjoying everyday. And, it really makes me happy that he now understand how enjoyable and important it is to go to school.

Inserted some pictures of my son on one of the activities in school.


I really had a good time today. I chatted to three of my close friends from the Philippines. Actually I chatted regularly with them but not at the same time. But now we had a conference together. That's why today is a lot lot more fun because they were online together and Oh my God, we were so noisy and silly....silly because we teased our gay friend to one of our boy friend. And you know, gays are really funny and jolly and our boy friend has been looking for a girlfriend for a long time now and he continuely asked us if we have a friend that we could introduce to him. Then after 5 mins. our gay friend log-in and so we told our boy friend that we already found the girl for him. And the teasing started and it was really really fun. We couldn't stop laughing. Oh my, I missed them so much. It would have been more fun if we were together :)) And now, they are planning to go out together on Saturday and how I wished I was there to so I could come with them. I know it would be another fun night together. Well, they told me that they will send me some pictures of the outings. So, I think I will have to be contented with hu hu.

Monday, March 3, 2008

HATE - A very strong feeling

A woman having this Hate feeling for someone. She feels like he is holding her in the neck and that she can't breath anymore. She want to go out and explore the world by herself and do what she wanted to do. But she can't do it. She is living with someone but she feels like she is alone. Then she is starting to hate that someone she is living with. And one day, they were fighting like they always do. They are fighting regularly actually. But this time, she can't take it anymore. She is really hating him and she told him. She shouted on him telling him how much she hates him. She wants to go somewhere far away from him but she can't. She don't have a car, don't have a money and don't know where to go plus there is his son to think about. She don't want to go without him. If she will leave, she will leave with his son. But how??? That's the question that she can't answer for now. And she just hope that one day, her sufferings will end. She HOPES.


I haven't been online on YUWIE for 2 days and got some comments and rates from some friends. So, I was trying my best to get back to all of them. And also, I had my first 3 referrals for that site and well, I was doing all I can so some of my friends will add them too on their friends lists. Plus, I am teaching my new referrals what to do on Yuwie to get more page views and how to make referaals to their other friends so we can build our downline and start earning together. Hopefully, but it will take a lot of time before we can do that..hehehe. Anyways, at least I am starting to have a downline and wished that some of my other friends will now sign-up on YUWIE.

Anyways, my eyes are so tired now. Been busy all day for YUWIE. By the way, YUWIE is a SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE THAT PAYS ITS USERS. And to those who are reading this and wants to join YUWIE. Just CLICK HERE