Thursday, March 6, 2008


My son Leonardo, 3 yrs old is going regularly to a nursery school. At first he really didn't like going. Every morning when I take him to school, oh my God, there are a lot of whinning and excuses for him to not to go. But as time goes by, he started to like the idea of going to school and playing with other kids. And then, he got sick. He got small pox and he have to stay at home for 3 weeks. That is a very long absence in school. So, when the time came that he must go back to school he didn't like it again. He got used of staying at home with me and watching his favorite cartoons shows on TV. But of course as a mother, I always think that going to school and staying and playing with other kids is better than just staying at home and playing alone. I mean, what will a kid learn being alone??? Yes, I will play with him and teach him
something but that is a lot different if he will go out and stay and play with other kids. He will learn the independence and know how to interact with other people. So, I really always insist that he go and encourage him how nice and beautiful it is to go to school and have friends. And well, he cried only at the first week and now he is always excited to go. They have a lot of activities in school and he is enjoying everyday. And, it really makes me happy that he now understand how enjoyable and important it is to go to school.

Inserted some pictures of my son on one of the activities in school.

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