Monday, March 3, 2008

HATE - A very strong feeling

A woman having this Hate feeling for someone. She feels like he is holding her in the neck and that she can't breath anymore. She want to go out and explore the world by herself and do what she wanted to do. But she can't do it. She is living with someone but she feels like she is alone. Then she is starting to hate that someone she is living with. And one day, they were fighting like they always do. They are fighting regularly actually. But this time, she can't take it anymore. She is really hating him and she told him. She shouted on him telling him how much she hates him. She wants to go somewhere far away from him but she can't. She don't have a car, don't have a money and don't know where to go plus there is his son to think about. She don't want to go without him. If she will leave, she will leave with his son. But how??? That's the question that she can't answer for now. And she just hope that one day, her sufferings will end. She HOPES.

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