Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life's Complications

My friends here might be wondering why I haven't updated this site for 2 months now. Well, I had a problem with my family life. I couldn't decide what I should do and shoudn't do. My life was so complicated. That's why I made a decision to came home here in the Philippines. Although it is hard to leave my son in Italy but I have to or else both our life will be miserable. I couldn't take leaving still with my x-partner. We were fighting everyday and we couldn't get along anymore. That's why I decided to leave. I want to bring along my son with me but I can't 'coz they were hiding my son's passport but my plan is to go back to Italy one day and ask for his custody. Hopefully I could do it with God's well. For now, I'm here in the Philippines planning everything I could do to have my son back to me 'coz everytime I tried to call my x so i could talk to my son, he will turn-off his phone. It's hard for me as a mother, i'll just cry it out everytime my x do that to me. But i never stop trying to call him and ask him to give me a chance to talk to my son. But he is so heartless about it. He just told me to stop calling and that I couldn't have my son back. That's why I called a neighbor and ask them how is my son and they told me that my son is being taken care of properly. And i was happy to hear that. BUt the sad thing is that my son's grandparents said that they don't care if I could go back to Italy or not as long as their grandson is with them and that their grandson is lucky to have them 'coz they could give everything to him not like when he will be here in the Philippines where I couldn't even a food to eat. They even said that Filipinos are all poor people. They really look me down and they look down our country. But I just hope that they will not poison the mind of my son against me 'coz I really promise to myself that I'll go get him one day. And that is what I always pray to HIM. And to my friends reading this blog..please help me pray that I could have my son one day.