Monday, March 3, 2008


I haven't been online on YUWIE for 2 days and got some comments and rates from some friends. So, I was trying my best to get back to all of them. And also, I had my first 3 referrals for that site and well, I was doing all I can so some of my friends will add them too on their friends lists. Plus, I am teaching my new referrals what to do on Yuwie to get more page views and how to make referaals to their other friends so we can build our downline and start earning together. Hopefully, but it will take a lot of time before we can do that..hehehe. Anyways, at least I am starting to have a downline and wished that some of my other friends will now sign-up on YUWIE.

Anyways, my eyes are so tired now. Been busy all day for YUWIE. By the way, YUWIE is a SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE THAT PAYS ITS USERS. And to those who are reading this and wants to join YUWIE. Just CLICK HERE

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