Thursday, March 6, 2008


I really had a good time today. I chatted to three of my close friends from the Philippines. Actually I chatted regularly with them but not at the same time. But now we had a conference together. That's why today is a lot lot more fun because they were online together and Oh my God, we were so noisy and silly....silly because we teased our gay friend to one of our boy friend. And you know, gays are really funny and jolly and our boy friend has been looking for a girlfriend for a long time now and he continuely asked us if we have a friend that we could introduce to him. Then after 5 mins. our gay friend log-in and so we told our boy friend that we already found the girl for him. And the teasing started and it was really really fun. We couldn't stop laughing. Oh my, I missed them so much. It would have been more fun if we were together :)) And now, they are planning to go out together on Saturday and how I wished I was there to so I could come with them. I know it would be another fun night together. Well, they told me that they will send me some pictures of the outings. So, I think I will have to be contented with hu hu.

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