Friday, March 28, 2008


Wednesday noon I recieved a call from AirOne, an Airline company base in Rome Italy. They told me to go to their office the next day for an interview as a Flight Attendant. Wow, I was so excited for the interview. I have been dreaming to be a Flight Attendant and fly all over the world. But Rome is very far from Verona where I live. It's 5 hrs. by car and the interview schedule was at 11 AM the next day. One more thing is that I am not familiar with the place so I have to be in Rome at least an hour before the schedule so that I will have some time to find the exact location of the company building. Luckyly, my husband told me that he will accompany and drive me to Rome. So, the schedule is at 11 AM and the travel is about 5 hrs. so that means we have to start early. We started at 4:30 AM and we arrived in the location at 10:39. So I am 21 minutes earlier and that's a good thing. But they called me for an interview at 11:33 and it fiished at 12:02 and they told me to came back at 2:30 in the afternoon for an exam and an english interview, the first interview was in Italian. And they told me that my Italian grammar is not that good yet and that i must practice more my Italian...I got disappointed on that but hey, they asked me to come back in the afternoon so maybe that's a good sign because there were 3 other girls with us who wasn't told to come back in the afternoon.
I came back at 2:30 and the exam started at 3:00 and lasted 10 minutes. It was a very quick exam and nobody finished answering all the questions. After the exam they told us to wait in the lounge and that they will call us one by one for an english interview. They called me at 4:00 and I think that my english interview went well. The interviewer was nice and we had a good coversation in english. After she interviewed me, she told me that the result will be in a week. If they will call me within a week that means I qualified and will start the 4 months training as a Flight Attendant next month. But if there will be no call, hhmmm that means SORRY, you're not IN :)) Well, if that will be the case for will be OK. At least I gave it a try.
Anyways, I left in their office at 4:30 and go to my husband who was patiently waiting for me in the parking lot. Then we decided to go take a look the City of Rome. But it was a rush hour and was sooooooo difficult to find a parking space in the City. We lost almost 2 hrs. just to find for a space for parking. We found a little far from the center but then it was OK. We just took a walk to go to the center. We took a little stroll of the City and then we decided to eat dinner. After the dinner we headed back home and it was almost 9:00 PM. We drived slowly and we arrived home at 3:15 AM. That was almost 24 hrs. Almost 24 hours on the road and we were so tired and exhausted that when we arrived we just went straight to bed and go to sleep. Never had a day like that. That was my most Exhausting Day ever. I just hope it was worth it.

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