Sunday, June 1, 2008

Advertisers Join Social Spark is a website that offers advertisers a chance to sponsor bloggers who in return will right about the products they have or the services that they offer. This type of connection between Advertisers and Bloggers are still new to the market and there are still a lot of room for growth on both sides.

It would have been great to see large companies advertising their products through blog. Like the variety of product of Sony, drinks from coca-cola, clothes like abercrombie and fitch and a lot more. I would love to blog about these companie because I personally use their products and I am so satisfied with them. And yes, we know that they can afford to pay their advertisement on TV and that it can be seen immediately by a lot of people out there and that they are already known to the market but I think using also bloggers to advertise their products will help them become more and more popular and will help increase more their sales. Because, as bloggers they constantly check the other bloggers post and when they will see a post about new products they will obviously learn about it and will immediately tell about what they read to their friends. I really hope that larger companies will really consider using the bloggers to spread the world about their new or old products.

So, I'm calling all advertisers to use and ur products and services will surely be seen over the world wide web a lot of time.

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