Friday, June 13, 2008

Create a Change - Make your Mark on

One of the newest addition of Reader's Digest Website is Make Your Mark. It is all about people who dare to make a difference for the benefits of the others. It is about the story of people who make contributions to the community especially for those who are less fortunates. We know that most people nowadays only thinks the good for their own family or for themselves but there are still people who are welling to give-up everything just to help others. And it's so amazing to know that there are still people like them. And that is what the - Make Your Mark is all about.

One of my favorite article of Make your Mark is the Flashes of Hope. It's about a mother Allison Clarke who has a child that was being treated and survived cancer when he was just 20 months old. While having treatment for their own child in the hospital, they befriended with other family who lost their son with cancer. Then Allison wondered if the family had a portrait of him and the family realized that they don't have any picture of their son who had bravely fought cancer. So Allison, as a former model with the help of his husband Kip, knew that they have to do something because they know what is like to have a child in the hospital being treated with cancer. They organized a free photo shot for patients in a children's hospital in Ohio. Allison started the Flashes of Hope after seeing the childrens smile after having a stylist "make them-up" and a professional picture taken. It's very important for the children who survive cancer to have an image of themselves that is strong and beautiful -- a portrait that doesn't make them look weak and sick. And the value of the portrait is immeasurable for the family who have lost their child because it captures the spirit of their child in a positive, dignified and hopeful way. Now, the organization is photographing children with cancer across America. Flashes of Hope have a long term goal of photographing every single child diagnosed with cancer. You too can help realized this dream and make a mark by giving your donation. Visit the site of
Flashes of Hope.

There are still a lot of very inspiring stories at - Make Your Mark . Read every single story and it will really help you realized how lucky you are to have a life that you have right now. And I hope that it will also inspire you to make a change and make a mark of your own. Visit also the Reader's Digest Homepage and you'll find a lot more of topics that will really interest you.

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