Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking for a Police Gear?

If you're looking for any police gear, the LA Police Gear have it all from head to toe. One of their products is the Surefire UA2 Optimus, its an adjustable-focus LED flashlight. And for anyone who wants the best, this is the flashlight for you especially for those who are control freaks. It offered the user so much functionality like never before. It is a pocket size flashlight with eleven settings and is ready to use in any situations or circumstances. It also has eight pre-set output levels from 2 to 200 lumens which is the maximum and it helps you always get ready in any crucial high-stress or self-defense situation. And for a tactical advantage, the Surefire UA2 Optimus is electronically regulated LED light. You can switch it to its stobe setting and stun the aggressor's eyesight with bright, flickering light designed to disorient and confuse him. For emergency use, you can also put it on SOS setting and stick it where a rescue passing plane or boat can see it. It still has a lot more functions that the other flashlight never have. Wow, i'm so impress with this kind of flashlight. It is good for anyone who is always in the go or anyone who loves action. And the LA Police Gear website still have a lot more products to offer aside from this. They have all the tactical gear that you are looking for. Visit them and learn more about their products.

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