Friday, June 27, 2008

The Flirtatious Look

When I'm interested with someone, of course, I want to make sure that he notice me. I will catch his eyes and give him an intense look like close my eyes a little and also do a little pouting of my lips and after I'll show my sweetest smile to him. I'm sure he will know right there and then that I am flirting with him. And this is what I mean with my intense look. And other form of non-verbal flirting that I experienced was like turning my head with my beautifully set hair fell down and then looked the guy straight in his eyes and gave him my beautiful smile. Using your hair to catch the other person's attention is really effective. They really will be amaze how you move your head with your beautiful hair and with the help of Extreme Style by VO5 you do more flirting as you want. You could fix your hair to any style you want and then have the other party notice you. Try it, you will be surprised what will happen next because you will have your Victory Hair then.

And for all the readers out there, try the
Ultimate Flirting Championship. It will test your ability of flirting. In this game you can be a contestant or a judge. As a contestant, you will be given 30 seconds to answer the question in a fun and sexy way and make sure that you outflirt your opponent by your answer. Then as a judge, you will be given questions to be ask to the contestants, their will be 5 questions in each game, then you will choose who do you think have the most flirtatious way of answering the questions. Sounds fun huh....well, it really is. And aside from that you will learn techniques on flirting and you might apply it next time you get want to catch someones attention. Click the widget below to try the game now.

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Yep, that's me said...

LOL!! I've forgotten how it was... and I dont think I did flirt at all hahaha... you did good but and you're very pretty too...