Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chasing the Rabbits

Saturday lastweek, Leonardo, Davide and I went to the park to let Leo play with other kids. But the weather was not that good and we didn't find any other kids around but instead we found rabbits. They are so cute and Leo wanted to touch them. So he started to slowly came near the rabbits but they ran away. So he started chasing them. He was enjoying to chased the rabbits and then he asked his father to get the rabbits for him and his father told him to be so slow and quite to be able for him to touch the rabbits. And so Leo tried it and he really was able to touched the rabbit and giggled a lot for his accomplishment. He was having a lot of fun that he asked us to come again the next day. Of course we can't say NO. Anyways, the park is just near where we are living now. We can go anytime we want and meet some new friends too.

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