Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recieved a Package

Monday afternoon I received a package from my online bestfriend JD from Australia. He sent me 3 books of James Patterson entitled 2nd Chance, Pop Goes the Weasel and The 5th Horseman. He knows that I like reading thriller novels, it's just that it's so hard to find english version of the novels here. That's why he sent me 3 novels that he had. He said that these 3 novels are so nice and that after I'll finish reading these 3 books he will send me another sets...yeppeeyyy thanks JD. I already started reading the 2nd Chance and I already like the start of it and can't wait to finish reading to know who is the killer :). My free time this time will be spent reading this books.

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Winnie said...

hey i love james patterson, anyway the pop goes a weasel is a series of alex cross (there are about 13 books and pop goes is the 5th i think). the 2nd chance & 5th horseman are both from a series as well (haven't read this but i hear it's really good). the series is women's murderer club, the 7th book just came out i think and there's a tv version on tv, haven't watch that either but i will when i find a time. just some information just in case you don't know.enjoy reading :) take care