Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Big and A Small Kid

I have two boys in my life, my life partner Davide and my son Leonardo. But you know what is the funny thing is, they are like both kids. They continue teasing each other until one gets angry or they will play hide and seek or come and get me. Sometimes, they fight for one thing then I have to make them-up. I thought I only have one kid but I have two, a big one and of course the small one :)) But I don't mind it, I love seeing them having fun although sometimes it's so annoying when they will fight :) The good thing though is that they always make-up after they fight or let's say the big one always gives-up for the small one and that they are so sweet with each other after having peace.

The pictures below was taken early in the morning. They were still in there pajamas but then they were already ready to play. I love this pictures because it just shows how close the father and son are. They are the two boys in my life.

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