Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Proud Mommy Bloggers

I just learned blogging this year and I didn't know that you could earn money from it. Then one day I received an email from a friend asking me if I have a blog with the link of her blog and told me that she is earning from it. So, I was asking myself "what is blogging?". To answer my question I clicked on her link and I noticed that blogging is like a daily journals. I do write journals of my family and I said to myself "Why not do it through blogging just like what my friend is doing?". And so I did it and I'm enjoying writing and sharing my journals about my interests, my family and my life to my friends. Blogging also helps me ease the boredom that I sometimes feel when I'm alone in the house. Then I visit the SocialSpark website, look at their terms and services and then submit my blog for approval and yes, I got approved the next day. In SocialSpark you could also meet new friends and what I noticed is that most of the bloggers are mommies like me. Mommies who wants to earn an extra income while staying at home to take care of their kids and husband. Isn't that great that we mommies could do our responsibilities at home and have also a chance to help our family's financial position? And you know what? Yes, it feels great that it's not only your husband who is earning in your family but you too. And you could do it by just staying at home and making blogs. You don't have to go out anymore and blend with the daily traffics to go to work and the best thing of it is that you'll have more time for you family. That's why I'm encouraging all my mommy friends to do bloggings like me. Some of them don't believe me at first but I explained to them how it works and now they are starting to do their parts to achieve the requirements to be approved by SocialSpark Customer Care. And I felt proud to help them learn about it even though I just started to get a hang about it myself. And I am still encouraging other mommies out their who don't know about it yet. Start you blogs now and join the club of mommy bloggers in the whole world and of course join the SocialSpark .

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