Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sign Language

Yesterday evening after having dinner in a restaurant with my family as usual, Davide and I decided to take a walk. We left Leonardo with his Nonni's at the restaurant. While having our stroll we met 4 tourists. They are French and they are looking where the Arena is located. They were lost and they asked us where they have to go to arrive at the Arena. They don't speak Italian, so I asked them if they speak English but neither of them speak english too. They don't speak Italian and English and we don't speak French. So we used sign language to understand each other. They had difficulty explaining to us where they wanted to go and we had difficulty understanding them but at the end we got it. And we instructed them where to turn to arrive at the Arena. Wheeeww, it was hard but Davide and I enjoyed it. Hehehe...and we recieved "Merce" after we understood each other. :))

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