Thursday, May 1, 2008

Leo's New Friend

Tuesday afternoon, when Leonardo arrived from school we saw this kid with his bike. His name is Giuseppe, an Italian-German kid and Leonardo makes friend with him right away. They are here for a week vacation and they live in the 5th house from ours :) Well, Leonardo and him got along well and they decided to go on a bike together. They even made a race many times and had a lot of fun. When they got tired, they decided to go home and promised each other that they will do it again the next day :)) or that they will play football. I was hoping that there will be a good weather the next day so that they could do what they wanted to do but sad to say it was raining. So, they were not able to play outside yesterday.

Today the weather is not that good but it's not raining either, so maybe we will go to his new friend later and will ask him if he want to play. Leonardo likes playing with him. He is a very nice kid and very charming too. :)

Here are their pictures on their first meeting. They are so cute. :))

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