Monday, May 19, 2008

Packing-up things

In one of my previous entry I said that we will transfer in our new house on the first week of July but the contractor said that they will finish it this week and that the house will be ready next week. So, we decided that we will transfer at the end of this month so that we wont have to pay another month of house rental. Everything is ready in the house except for the living room though, but it's ok I think, we will just use the old sofa that we had while we'll wait for the new one to arrive. And we only have 10 days before we will transfer that's why we are now starting to pack our things so that everything will be ready by then. Although we don't have that much thing to be brought to the new house since this house that we are renting is fully furnished and we didn't bring any of our furnitures here. So, practically we only have our personal things to pack :))
So, that's the latest about us and I will go to sleep now. It's getting late here and we have to wake-up early tomorrow since right after we'll drop Leo to school we will go order the new sofa and then order the curtains and buy some accessories for the house. That's all...Goodnight Everyone :)

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Richette said...

Wow! I think I can feel your excitement on transferring to your new house. ^_^

That's wonderful news Reyna! (((hugs)))