Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Boy is now a Man :)

It seems like yesterday that Leonardo was born. I could still remember how small and delicate he was, how many times I woke up in the night to breastfeed him and to changed his diaper. I still remember the first time he crawls and his first words. Still remember the day he started to walk on his own and how proud he was to be able to do it alone.

And now he is 3 yrs. old and already know what he wants. Like for example on clothes, he choose what he wears. If he don't like the shirt or jeans that I prepared for him, he will say " I don't like that." That's why now, before I prepare his clothes I asked him first what he wants to wear. And oh, he is very passionate about cars especially the Ferrari. He even like watching the Formula 1 Race. and will tell us that when he grow-up he will be a pilot of Ferrari or a pilot of an airplane. Wow, that was quite an ambition for a 3 yr. old. And his father and I hope that he would rather be a pilot of an airplane than of Ferrari :)) Him being a pilot of Ferrari is scary. But well, whatever he would like to do, as parents, we will support him as much as we can.

For now, he is still our baby and we are enjoying to see the progress he makes everyday. He is a very sweet and smart child and we would like him to enjoy his being a kid. He has still a lot of experience to make before he can do it alone.

Anyways, the title is actually about the picture of him that I made lastweek. He looked so grown-up already. He is actually taller than the other kids of his age. People asked me if he is 4 or 5 yrs. old but no, he is only 3. And as a mother, I'm so proud of him and of course I love him so much.

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janeser28 said...

sus nagkagwapo ang imo anak ren!!hasta pod ang inahan of course nagkagwapa!!
happy Wednesday