Thursday, May 22, 2008

The House with the Lake View

The real state agency is now putting this house, that we are in until end of this May, as For Rent. :( And today a German couple came with the agent to take a look of the house and I think they like it. They like it so much because of the view of the lake and of the garden. And they also like it because of the quite neighborhood. It's a private area so nobody could come in except for the homeowners. They asked us how much we were paying for the electricity, water and gas every month and we told them that more or less we paid €350 a month and they think that it's ok. I think they will negotiate now about the house rental which we paid €1,200 a month. Hhhmmm, I don't know if they could get this house lesser than that because we also tried to asked the owner before if they will lower the rental to €1,000 a month but he only told us that if we don't want to pay that price then we could go and find another one...Mean huh. We like it so much and we don't want to live in an appartment so we ended up paying that price. And now, in just less than a couple of weeks we will live and I'm really sad to think about it. This place have an amazing view and so quite and peaceful and I'm really going to miss the House with the Lake View. But on the other hand, starting next month we wont pay any rental anymore and that's a lot of savings for us. We will have our own house back, which is amazing, and we are already excited to live there. ;)

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