Thursday, May 8, 2008

MY 10

I was tagged by my friend on Richette to write my Top 1o priorities. And I told her that I'll do this, so I better start thinking the 10 important person, things and etc. that I have :))

First and foremost :) my SON

He is my life, my everything. The reason why I continue moving on. I'll do everything for him to have a happy and comfortable life and for him to have a good future, with the help of his dear father of course :) He is such an intelligent, sweet and loving child and I love him sooooo much!!!

2nd is my loving companion "Davide"

The father of my son and our provider. A person who will do everything as long as his son and I will have a good and comfortable life. He is very understanding, so caring and gives me everything I want as much as he can even though i'm so bad with him sometimes. We are so lucky to have him. :)

3rd is my Family in Philippines.

Yes, it's true that they are always there when we are down and no one else to turn to. They are always ready to accept you even if you made mistakes. Miss them so much.

4th is my Friends.

A faithful friend is a sure shelter and whoever finds one has found a rare treasure. I treasure these 2, they are always there to listen and give advices and always ready to give you comfort. Thank you Lenie and Charissa for always being there for me.

5th is my computer.

Eversince I've been here in Italy. I become addicted to it. My life will be boring without it. I talk to my family and friends from Philippines and around the world with it. It helps ease the sadness of being away from them especially when I see them on webcam.

6th is my Cellphone

I use it to communicate with family and friends, of course. Chatting on messenger is not enough for me. I call my family in the Philippines with it once a week and my friends every now and then. And use it everyday to call Davide and of course, I used it in taking pictures :)) It has an HD Camera in it so the it takes good pictures.

7th is my Clothes and accessories

These are just some of my collections. I'm a fashionista :)) and I always make sure that I look good everytime I go out of the house. I like to mix and match the accessories that I have with my clothes.
8th is Picture Taking

I like taking pictures not only of myself ;) but most of all is of my son. I would like to capture everything with what's new with him. And also, I enjoy taking pictures of nature and beautiful views. I just like it. It's one of my hobbies.
9th is my Car.
Can't go anywhere without it. I never ever ride a bus eversince i was here in Italy and i don't know how to ride one. What a shame!!! :( I got used of riding jeepneys and tricycles in the Philippines but I don't know how to ride a bus here in Italy. :)

10th is I'm saving for my future pet :)

Would love to have a small, cute, little dog hehehe... I am still continue bugging Davide to buy me one and he said that he is still looking since it's hard to find a small dog here and it costs a lot too. Hopefully it will be sooner.

So, those are my 10 and now I'm tagging Janese, Stella, Leizl, Camela, and Doreen