Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

I'm sure, when you read the title you think that it's my wedding anniversary but it's not. My companion and I are not married and don't have plan to get married. So, who's wedding anniversary is it??? Well, it's my companion parents wedding anniversary today. It's their 47th years. Wow, that long huh....And we celebrated it lastnight. Althought we go out to have dinner outside every weekend but lastnight was especial. So, we went into this beautiful restaurant different from the usual one we always went into. The place is beautiful inside-out but the food is not good especially the price. It was not worth it....the food tasted nothing and the price is too much. So, after eating our first-course we decided to go. And we learned our lesson, do not go into a restaurant where no one recommended it to you. :))

So next week, we will go back to our favorite restaurant. At least there we are sure that the food is great and the price is good. :) Anyways, Congratulations to Lina and Umberto and I wished you more years to come of having each other.

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