Thursday, May 22, 2008

Men in Uniform

I have a confession to make....Actually I am more attracted to Men in Uniform like the Men in Army, Navy, Airforce and the Police. I like them most when they are in their tactical gear. They look so strong but so cute at the same time :)) It seems like when I'll be with them I am protected from the bad guys out there. And actually, I almost ended up with one of them but sad to say that the time and the situation didn't permit us to be together. But we manage to stay as friends and I am treasuring that. And to anyone who needs a gear as Police, Army and whatever combat gear you need just check out the LA Police tactical gear . They have anything you need for a combat with fast shipping, low prices and outstanding service. They help get all the gear that you want and need and of course, they are factory-authorized dealers for most of the brands that you'll see in their site. Get yours now.

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