Monday, May 26, 2008

The School Program Invitation

Last Friday, when Leonardo went home from school he brought with him the Invitation Card for the End-of-School Year Program. The program is suppose to be at the end of June which is really the end of the school year 2007-2008 but I told to the teacher of Leonardo lastweek that we will transfer to our new house at the end of this month and it will be 60 km. from school and that we decided that Leo will just have to stop going. I couldn't go back and forth a couple of times everyday to bring and pick-up Leo at school. It will be so stressful not only for me but for Leo too. And so the teachers and staffs of the Nursery School of Costermano decided that they will do the program on Friday, May 30, 2008 so Leo could still partecipate. It is so nice of them to do that, I am really touch for their gesture. I thought that Leo couldn't attend anymore for their program and it really made me sad to think about it because he is so excited everytime he came home to tell me the practice that they are doing for the school program. But now, Davide and I and Leo's Grandparents are so excited to see Leo perform at school. And we are really thankful to all the Teachers and Staffs for doing this and for making it earlier this year. More Power to the All of Them.

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