Monday, May 5, 2008

CashSpeeder - Optin Email ad INSTA-BUILDER!

CashSpeeder Optin Ad INSTA builder - Just Out!
• Have you had a hard time building an email list on your own?
• Or how about finding a good email list without having to pay a monthly fee or a huge price to be able to send your email ad?
• Have you tried using safelists but got thousands of ads flooding your email box for a small result, if any?

We also know building an email list on an "optin list builder" is hard to do and handling thousands of emails is hard to handle, and barely effective at all when trying to get your program seen. Plus, we also understand not everyone can spend 100 bucks and in most cases...

...hundreds or thousands of dollars in buying a single solo email ad, so we have created the very unique...


• So how does this work? Easy! the faster you signup (it is fr ee) the more people you can email your ads too! Lets say you signup right now and you are member #167. You would be able to email member #168, #169, #170 and so on into the 10,000's of people in a more manageable and effective manner. You can email every member who joins after you, and it does not matter who referred those members as we work as one team!

That is why it is urgent to signup today. 50 people most likely have while you read this. CLICK HERE!

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