Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is one of the major tourists distination here in Italy, including a number of exclusive hotels and resorts along its shore. It is located in Northern Italy, about half-way between Venice and Milan. The lake and its shoreline are divided between the provinces of Verona (south-east),Brescia (sout-west) and Trento (north).
This is the sky-view of the lake (photo from Wikipedia)

The previous photos I've shared in my entry "Cruisin' Around Around Lake Garda" was taken at Malcesine which is part of Verona the south-east of the lake. Now I will share photos of the south-west part of the lake particularly in Desenzano del Garda in Brescia. This is a much bigger town than Malcesine and much more tourists and locals come here. There are a lot of fun things to do here too. Like:
You could just take a walk at its shoreline with your friends, your sweetheart or even just with your dog.

Or enjoy a ride with the Pedal Boats.

Or have a picnic at the shoreline and enjoy the scenery

or rent a motor boat and make a tour around the lake
And also, take a shopping for branded clothes at the shopping area at the center of the town. Or just take some coffe or icecreams at the bars located around the lake. See, that's why I like this place so much. You could just enjoy whatever you want to do and of course, it's near where I live. So, it's really an advantage for me :))


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