Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cruisin' Around Lake Garda

Sunday afternoon....just me and my companion and we don't know where to go with a very beautiful weather, so we decided to go cruisin' around Lake Garda. The largest lake in Europe or maybe in the World? Hhhmmm, not really sure about the world but in europe, yes. Tourists come here every year specially on Summer...and they already started coming right now :)). Anyways, last Sunday we decided to go to Malcesine, a small town at the lake, 28 km. from our town. Going there, we passed the beautiful view of Lake Garda. I really enjoyed driving with the view of the lake at my side. Here are some of our pictures on that day.

Me, while driving with the lake view ;)

Davide and I at Malcesine :)

Lake Garda is really beautiful specially if you are here and see it in your eyes. And by the way, the next 007 of James Bond was shoot here and they had a real accident while filming it. Anyways, hope my friends reading this can come and visit Lake Garda. I'll tour you around if you'll have a chance coming here...just contact me anytime :))

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