Saturday, April 26, 2008

Leonardo's Field Trip

Last week, my son Leonardo went to a school field trip in "Vecchia Fattoria (Old Barnyard) in Bonavicina" with his classmates and teachers. They were having a lot of fun and my son couldn't wait to tell me what they were doing when he went home that day. Here are some of the pictures on thier field trip.

In the bus going to the Bonavicina

They were having a snack when they arrived.

They were taught how to make a bread.

They look so cute in their apron :))

Collecting fresh milk

Horse-back riding....he is with his best buddy in school Simoni

Took some time to rest and relax

Having a great time

Tired after the whole day trip

They went home at 4:30 PM on that day. I could see that he was so tired of the trip but he was having fun too. :))

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