Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just an ordinary Saturday

Today is just like any saturday I have. My son go to his grandparents house and stay there for the whole weekend and I come with my husband to the store to help him. After closing the store my husband and I will have a dinner outside and then we will either go watch a movie or go to the bar and listen some music after dinner. But just a while ago, my mother in-law called and asked us if we would like to have dinner with them in their house. Of course we said yes, we will. So, after closing later on we will go directly to their house and join them for dinner. Then after dinner maybe we will go to disco or watch a movie. Hhmmm, we're not sure yet what we would like to do later. But whatever it is, I'm sure we will be having fun. So, 'til next time folks and Have A Great Weekend to all of you.

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