Friday, July 4, 2008


Shopping is one of my passion :)) or let's say one of most women's passion. And last saturday I went out with the family to shop of course. We bought for Leo 2 pairs of sandals, 3 swimming trunks and a D&G shirt and jeans. For myself I bought 2 tops and a mini-skirt. Then last tuesday, I went out with my mother in-law and we went shopping again. We bought curtains for Leo's room, some indoor plants and then we saw a shoe store and they are already ON SALE so we stopped there and I bought 2 pairs of sandals for myself and she bought 3 pairs for herself. And this afternoon, my mother in-law and I went shopping again. I bought house decors, vases and picture everything I bought, it looks good in my new living room. :)) And my mother in-law bought a cute alarm clock and cute paintings for Leo's room. We enjoy each other's company because we bought like fashion and we have the same taste when it comes to decorating the house. That's why we are planning again to go out just the two of us to do more shopping. Cool!

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