Monday, July 7, 2008

At the Park in the Evening

Two straight evening we went to the park where the 5th Anniversary of a Political Party held. The Mayor of Verona City Hon. Tossi delivered his speech when we arrived there the first evening. But actually it was only my mother in-law who is interested in listening to the mayor's speech :) Davide and I were more interested for Leo to enjoy at the park. There are a lot of kids playing around with their parents. And Leo played with us too. He had really a great time, it was the first time we went in that park and Leo like it so much there...he didn't even want to come home anymore. And for that we stayed at the park until 12:30 before we decided to go home. The second evening it was just Leo, Davide and I who went there cause my parents in-law were invited at a birthday party of their friends. We went to the park at around 10PM and stayed there for a couple of hours then Leo asked for a french fries but then the bar at the park finished their french fries already so we went outside and looked for an open bar which have french fries...luckily we found one and Leo was so glad and ate all his french fries...then we finally got home at 1 AM. I know it was late already but since it's summer we always go out in the evening and come home late also...almost everynight :)). Anyways, here are some of Leo's picture on that 2 evenings in the park.

These are some of the pictures of Leo on the 1st evening while he was playing with me :)

This is the Park

Leo on the 2nd evening at the park

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