Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Innamorata Beach

Innamorata means Inloved in English. They call this beach innamorata because there was a legend that a woman tried to kill herself by jumping at the cliff of this beach and that there was a man who was so inloved with her and tried to save her. Some people said it was true and some said that it was only a legend...but every year on July 14 they make a reincarnation of what happened that time and tourists from all over come here to watch it and then there was a parade from Innamorata beach to another beaches then it will end to the center of the Town of Capolivere. I wasn't able to have a chance to watch the reincarnation because it was already late when we went home from the beach and the reincarnation will start at 8:30 PM and then parking was already packed. So preferred to just stay at home. There will be another chance next year, maybe i'll just watch about it next year. Anyways, here are some pictures of Innamorata beach.