Thursday, July 3, 2008

Painting the Fence

I'm so tired today. I started painting our fence. We were supposed to hire a man to paint but I told Davide that it's better that I'll do it or we'll do it so that we can save the money to pay the painter. Anyway, it's not a heavy job and we can do it by ourselves. I'm glad that he agreed with me...but we have to paint when there is not much sun in our side anymore because it's so hot outside and the paint will dry so quickly and it will just crack. And yeah, we had a good start today and we'll continue tommorrow. I just hope Leonardo will not bother us...because he wants to paints too but he will just make a mess and it will slow down our job. :))

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janetoile28 said...

good luck!!heheh like me here ako pod ang magpintal pintal:-)unsaon mahal pang bayad sa paintor kaysa painting hahaha:-)