Monday, August 4, 2008

James Patterson Novels

While on vacation in Isola d'Elba for 3 weeks, I found a bookstore that sell english novels and I found this 3 James Patterson Novels. One is from his Woman's Murder Clud Series (The 6th Target), one from Detective Micheal Bennet series (Step on a crack) and the last one is from the Maximum Ride Series (The Final Target). I didn't buy it together though. I bought 1 novel a week and I read one novel a week while waiting Leo got tired of swimming in the pool and before going to sleep in the night.
Today, I recieved another 3 James Patterson Novels from my bestfriend in Australia JD. Thank you again JD. He just knows I love reading JP Novels that's why he is always sending it to me. After, I'll read this 3 books I will just have to tell him that I want more and he will send more...hehe lucky me. Anyways, the 3 JP Novels he sent are 4th of July from The Woman's Murder Club, Beach Road and Lifeguard. Hhhmmm...Can't wait to start reading this books. JP, you're the best.

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