Saturday, August 9, 2008

Renewed my Passport

I went to Milan yesterday to renew my passport at the Philippine Embassy in Milan since it will expire already on 11 of August and I am planning to go to Philippines for holidays by the end of September. They told me that the renewal will take 2 months since they will be implementing already the Machine-readable passport but I told then that my ticket was already booked and i can't move my date of departure. So, the processor told me to go to the offce of the Vice-Consul for the approval of the old Green Passport. Luckily, the Vice Consul approved my request but she told me to make the new new passport when I come back. Of course I told her, I will and the passport that i requested will be released on tuesday next week. I'm sooo excited already to go home to Philippines. I really miss all my family there. So, friends and family in I come. :))


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