Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UberSpat -Online Debating Company

We could have debates anytime we want at any topic that we could get. But the most overuse topics of all are the politics. And there is this debating site called UberSpat, an online debating company that allows users to submit debates on any topics of their interest. That's interesting. One of the debates there is that "The media is blatantly supporting Barrack Obama's presidential bid." Well, I would say that it's true. It's so obvious that the media is supporting him. I could see him everyday and everywhere in the news even here in Italy, praising him of the good work that he had done and that he is a very sincere and honest man. I didn't hear any negative feedback about him. But I will just wait and see what will be the result on the election. Just hope that there will be an honest and clean election in America.

How about you there? Do you have any opinion about this? Well, share it here at
UberSpat and be heard.

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