Saturday, August 9, 2008

Town Fiesta

Last Saturday, August 2 was the town fiesta here in Bovolone and in the evening they have this what they called "Notte Bianca" it means no sleeping 'til dawn. There was party everywhere like every corner of the streets have musics from different kind of local bands and from local radio stations. There was also Fashions Shows from the different clothing stores of the town. There was also disco and a dance presentation from one of the dance school in town. The town was closed from vehicles. So, it was really fun and it was amazing to see all those people around took a stroll and enjoyed the music and the parties everywhere.

I didn't see all the parties myself because it was really huge and my feet got tired already of walking not even half of the town. :)) Anyways, those were some of the pictures of the fiesta.