Monday, February 11, 2008

Trap in the Situation

A woman fell in love with a man of different race. She went with him in his place far from her and live with him there. They were gifted with a beautiful son. But there relationship was never in peace. The man's parents live next to their house and always intereffed in their lives. They fought everyday.

Then one day, the woman just felt that she is falling out of love. She want to leave but she don't have any savings in her pocket. The man never allowed her to work and didn't give her any money. It was always the parents of the man makes the groceries for them.
She tried to talk to the man about leaving. But the man just told her that no one asked her to leave but if she wants to leave, she could leave anytime but she have to leave their son with him. He told her that she couldn't give their son a good future like he can. Then he gave her 2 days to decide if she wants to leave or not.

The woman thinks a lot about it. She would really like to go but it hurts her so much to think that she have to leave her son behind. She couldn't go on with her life without her son with him. If only they live in the same country but they don't. She is from a very far country from his. She is trap with her situation. So, She decided to stay and hoping that one day the man will allow her to work. When she will be able to work, then she could save some money and then maybe she could get out in her situation with her son with her.

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