Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2 Nights - No Sleep

My son Leonardo is sick for a week now and 2 days ago a chiken pox came out from his body. He felt so itchy and continued scratching his body. That's why he can't sleep and since I have to take care of him...I didn't sleep myself too. I have to make sure he won't scratch the chiken pox specially on his face coz if he will, the mark will stay and it will look bad on him. Then yesterday he felt better and stop scratching because the doctor gave him a drops for the itch but last night his fever go up and he had some dillusions and I got scared that i rushed him to the hospital. But Thank God the doctor said that he is OK and just have to give him some paracetamol and i have to make sure that he stays inside the house so he wont infect other kids.
It was very tiring and wow 2 straight nights that i haven't had a good sleep. I'm just very thankful that all is well with my son and that he is feeling a lot better today.

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