Monday, February 4, 2008

Three Signs of a Miserable Job

I read an article today at yahoo of the 3 signs of a miserable jobs and i want it to share with you. These 3 signs are :
1. Anonymity. Employees feel anonymous when their manager has little interest in them as people with unique lives, aspirations, and interests.
2. Irrelevance. This occurs when workers cannot see how their job makes a difference. "Every employee needs to know that the work they do impacts someone's life -- a customer, a coworker, even a supervisor -- in one way or another.
3. Immeasurement. This describes the inability of employees to assess for themselves their contributions or success. As a result they often rely on the opinions of others -- usually the manager -- to measure their success.
And for those workers who may be experiencing the signs of job misery, the author recommends 3 remedies for this misery signs.
1. Assess your manager. Is the boss interested in and capable of addressing the three factors mentioned above?
2. Help your manager understand what you need. This could mean reviewing with your manager what the key measurements for success are for your job.
3. Act more like the manager you want. "Employees who take a greater interest in the lives of their managers are bound to infect them with the same kind of human interest they seek," the author says. Or find ways to let your manager know how his or her performance makes a positive difference for you.
So, here you go. The 3 signs of job misery and 3 remedies to cope the misery.

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