Sunday, February 3, 2008


I was by myself yesterday and have nothing to do. I got so bored. So, what i did is surf the internet and check if something will interest me. Then i remembered that i signed-up for MySpace and have done nothing about it yet. What i did next is log-in to it and did some modifications on my prfile, search and add friends who are already in MySpace and invite friends who are not yet a members. So far, i already have 2 friends who accept my friends request and 3 person who asked to be added on my friendslist. Well, at least i already have friends on MySpace.

Anyways, MySpace is like other websites where you can sign-up for free and connect with your friends and relatives and meet new friends too. And from there you can continue the communications of the friends you want to communicate with. So, anyone out there who is not yet a member of Myspace you sign-up now and start connecting with your friends. Oh, and if you want to be my friends too. Just add me up there. My MySpace URL is

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