Monday, November 3, 2008

Talked to Leonardo

I was able to talk to my son Leonardo a while ago. It wasn't that long but at least I was able to hear him. He was telling me that he went to the "Sala Giochi" with his Papa' and that they were playing video car racing game and said that they won :)

Hearing my son's voice let me smile. I just hope he could see me and I could see him at the same time on a webcam so he will not be able to forget me. I just miss him so much, I miss hugging him, I miss sleeping with him, I miss kissing him goodmorning and goodnight, I miss playing with, I miss everything about him. I wish he could understand how much I miss him and that I Love Him sooo much. But I really promise that I will go back there one day and meet him, hug him, kiss him and tell him that I Love Him.

Anyways, thanks to Davide for taking care of our son and for letting me talk to Leo on the phone this time. I hope that he will forgive me on my decision of leaving him and that we will be able to be friends for Leo's sake.

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