Thursday, January 31, 2008

Death Anniversary

Jan. 30, 1999 was the day my beloved father died for cancer. Seems like just yesterday that he was there talking how important it is to have a loving and peaceful family. And constantly reminding us, his children to finished our study so that we could get a good job in our future. Oh, how i missed him and how i wished that he was still here with us.

Yesterday was his 9th death anniversary. But the wounds in our hearts are still here. It still hurts a lot thinking that he was gone. Still fresh in my mind how he suffered everytime he had an attacked of his cancer. It really makes me cry everytime i saw him like that and still makes me cry everytime i think of him. He was gone and at least he wont suffer any attacks anymore.

My family in the Philippines had a mass offered for him yesterday. All i would like to say to my Father is that "Father, wherever you were I would like you to know how much I MISSED YOU and how much I LOVED YOU. GOD BLESSED YOU and REST IN PEACE. You were always in our memory"

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