Thursday, August 5, 2010

When will a dependence racket the young cathedral?

When will a dependence racket the young cathedral?

Does anyone know what this means? :)

I'm Back

My God, it's more than two years that I haven't been updating my blog. I know there are few people who visits me here and I would like to say sorry to all for not coming back to you. But I hope to get back to all of you as much as I can from now on and thank you for always being there.

You might be wondering where I had been. Well, let me just say that a lot of things happened. Some of them were not good and I'm still recovering from it and some were and are actually great. I think I posted something from the past about what my separation with my child, but the good things is we keep communicating now and that his father allows me and him to see each other on the webcam. WEBCAM because we are thousands of miles apart but hopefully one day we will be able to see and hug each other in person. And that, I always MISS HIM SO MUCH. :(

Well, I know you are curious what are the great things that happened to me. I met a really amazing man and I'm now married to him. He is very kind, understanding and loving. I could say that he is my Best Friend, my Soulmate and my Lover. Practically, he is everything I've been looking for in a man. And I could say that I'm really very lucky to have him in my life. And you know what the other great thing is? I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and my husband and our family are very excited about it. And from now on I'm going to share to you the development of my pregnancy. I know you will all be excited for us.

Again thank you to all my friends here and 'til next time. :))

Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Keeping Busy

I'm trying to make myself BUSY as much as possible so that I will not think too much of all the sad things that happened to me. I know I can't help thinking about it especially about my child being away from me but at least I could keep it away for a while when I'm doing something. It's hard but I have to be strong and always keep in mind that someday I could be completely happy and I could have my love ones with me.

File Extension Library

That portion at the end of the filename that describes its file type is called File Extension. It can be from one to several characters long and can usually be identified easily since the filename and the file extension are separated by a "." just like for example "cars.avi" which means that the AVI part is the file extension. AVI file extension stands for Audio Video Interleave file. It enhances video data within a computer and stores compressed video files. Its related program is the Windows Media Player, which plays compressed video files within AVI files, however, correct codecs must exist within a computer to enhance the operation of the file. There are various codecs used by the file and this includes DivX, DV, MJPEG, Indeo and YUY2 codecs. And Audio codecs are also used by AVI file extension aside from the video codecs. This enhances sound of the video file or data. Examples of audio codecs are MP3, PCM and more. The developer of AVI file extension is the Microsoft Corporation which is also the author of worm and trojan programs that create virus program that is related to AVI file. That's why this puts one at risk of infection when downloading this file. So, one must be careful when downloading this file from the internet.

There are a lot more of different types of file extension widget and different applications are required to open different types of files. The information about file type associations and the applications which are allowed to open them is stored in windows registry. And this website contains a comprehensive database of file extension. The information they provide in each file extension is brief and to the point. Each entry they have contains information about the format, the creator, the description of the file, and the related applications of the file extension and also its common path .

Missing Leonardo

I called Leonardo 3 times a week but it's really different when u only hear his voice between seeing him live. I haven't seen him for 5 months now and I miss him so much. I wished I could see him sooner or later. I miss hugging and kissing my child or just being with him. I miss you so much Leonardo and Mama loves you so much.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Mafia Name

Your Mafia Name Is Ella "The Silencer" Tramunti

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Be careful of me...hehehe

LASIK Technology

For more than five years, the civilians have benefited the usage of the laser vision correction technologies from NASA and the U.S. military. “The Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA have validated the fact that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness” said Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired U.S. Navy captain and leader of clinical research and studies done for the DOD regarding the use of LASIK.

Modern LASIK information known as the iLASIK Procedure uses two lasers instead of one. Wave front technology maps the unique characteristics of the individual eyes on its first stage. Then, an ultra fast, computer-guided laser creates a corneal flap. This laser replaces the handheld microkeratome blade that has been used in the previous LASIK form and that makes the procedure exceptionally safe. The wave-front mapping data guides a second laser for vision correction after the flap has been created. The combination of the advanced LASIK technology creates a custom-fit procedure that has clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

In the military’s evaluation of modern LASIK in 100 military personnel showed that 95% achieved 20/20 uncorrected vision or better and it’s a very notable results. That’s why when 100% of naval aviators who have undergone the procedure been asked, they would recommend the surgery to other naval aviators. According to Dr. Schallhorn, “technologically speaking, there is no better time than now to join the over 12 million Americans who have benefited from LASIK."



It's very hard when you expect something to happen and then you will find out later that it went wrong. It's like your heart is being squeeze hard and ypu want to cry but there are no tears coming out. This feeling has always been in me for a long time now. I have been upset about everything. Seems like everything has been taken away from me. And I feel depressed sometimes. Good thing is that I have soemone who truly understands and cares me so well. At least, life is not that bad to me yet. I just hope that one day I could find my inner peace.